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Sunrise on our Dock

Front Gates of the 'campsite'

Looking down the side of the camper

On the dock looking back at our site

From the dock looking left

From the dock looking right

From the road

Looking out the front of our campsite

Leaping Lizards! I found a friend in a parking lot! Some of...

We made it all the way south, now we head north again.

Today we moved 50 miles south to Key West, to a LUXURY campground. We are giving ourselves a treat by splurging. This is a condominium campsite that is rented out when the owner is not using it. The campground has an office and they take reservations just like a regular campsite. It is expensive but we will only be here 3 nights, and then we will go back to 'roughing it' with regular campgrounds.

There is camping... and then there is camping! Right now we are at the top end of the spectrum. It is gorgeous here. We have a little piece of shoreline, a tiki house, patio furniture, and a dock! The place was the subject of an episode on the Travel Channel, which is how Janet found it.

Now back to Key West. This was one of the destinations of our original travel planning. Key West is beautiful. I haven't been to Jamaica or the Bahamas, but I've heard that it is very similar. If you want a tropical vacation, this should be on your list. We took a walking tour of the old town and a trolley tour of the city. There are many sights and small museums, or if you are from the north you might just enjoy walking around in 90 degree heat in November.

Highlights include Mallory Square, the Truman 'Vacation White House', Ernest Hemingway House, the southernmost point in the US, and Civil War forts. This was the richest city in the US in the late 1800's due to shipwreck salvaging, and in the 1930's it became the poorest because a lighthouse was installed and ruined the salvage business. It was the headquarters of the federal blockade fleet in the Civil War and is still a Navy town with an air base here.

We finished our time here with our own version of a pub crawl with hors d'oeuvres and a seafood dinner added in. (This is a big seafood town).

Key West has a real laid back atmosphere! Anything goes!! Wild roosters running around and iguanas sunning themselves! Friendly people who love the tourists! What an awesome time! Janet

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