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Today marks the 2 week anniversary of our leaving Vermont. We travel to the John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, which is supposed to be a really nice park because offshore of it is the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, with, of course, a coral reef. Everything here is crushed coral, including the beach, which is hard on the feet. As with Lake Chaplain's shale beaches, beach shoes are a handy item. We left the sand beaches behind on the Mainland.

Everyone in Florida has a big boat, and this is a big boating state park with docks, boat launches, trailer parking lots, and supply stores for boating, fishing, and gas. It looks like a scene from Flipper. But it also has good beaches (crushed coral!), aquarium, and a very popular campground. We have a Friday night and Sunday night reservation and we are hoping there will be a Saturday cancellation so that we can stay here for 3 days.

Suddenly the sun is much stronger than before and it is hot and a little humid! I know that there was a swirling cold front from Hurricane Sandy that was swirling down from Canada and covered the Southeast US, but the temperature change is startling. It is close to 90. We are getting some sun and maybe we will shed that pasty white Vermont complexion.

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