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At the end of the same day we went to Kodachrome State Park, I explored Red Canyon and enjoyed a bike path that runs along route 12 to Bryce. Very pretty area and the path is very scenic. The path has only a few small hills. In one area there are signs stating that the path is damaged ahead. The total damaged area was probably 6 feet long, 6 inches wide and 3 inches deep. Let’s see guys we have option A: bring a little asphalt and fill the pot hole or B: purchase a special sign, dig a hole for the post (which by the way the dirt from digging would have been more than enough to fill the pot hole), have an engineer tell us where the sign needs to go and assume that everyone who rides a bike can READ ENGLISH.

It is a very pretty area and perfect for camping and picnicking.

A few photos are coming soon!

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