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Our day began just fine and continued that way until we reached our winter destination. But allow me to regress just a bit to fill you in.

We were ready to leave the State Park around 7:30 this morning but a stop at the “Dump Station” was first on the priority list.

Bob rode with me because he wanted to see how tight a fit it was for our rigs.

It turned out to be no problem at all and we were ready for the road in time to leave right at 8:00 AM.

We were slowed a bit by some road construction on the west side of Tucson, but otherwise it was an uneventful trip, which is just what we like.

The Gold Canyon RV Resort is just beautiful and we were impressed when we pulled in.

They called “Dean” to escort us to our Site and we followed him around to a teeny tiny Site, on a narrow street.

With almost no room to maneuver the truck it took nearly 45 minutes to get backed in and positioned correctly for the patio, etc.

By this time I was extremely frustrated.

The guy who escorted us suggested that we might get a different Site by checking at the office. NOW he tells me!!

I told him that we were in now and would stay put, but when I tried to level the RV we were so un-level that the wheels were completely off the ground on one side to get the RV close to level.

My “Frustration Meter” was just about pegged as we drove back to the office.

The office folks were very nice and immediately moved us to a Site designed for a Park Model. Site #530 is now our home for the winter.

We also requested a different Site for Bob & Janet who will be arriving tomorrow.

They will be on Site #529, right next door to us.

We have a view of the mountains and a scattering of palm trees around us.

I should mention that it took nearly two hours to get our RV out of that other Site. That’s right! Two hours!

Narrow street, so the lady across the street moved her car out of the car port and allowed us to use that for a bit more room.

The water line stuck up above the ground far enough that we could easily have broken it and the sewer was right in line with my tires which prevented backing up for more room to turn.

Did I mention the palm tree within inches on one side and that the street curved requiring more than a ninety degree turn?

We are at last settled in and have a nice spot. The guy is coming any time now to install the cable TV and the internet service, which we pay extra for.

Oh my, I could go on but I am in a much better mood now that Marilyn has fed the angry beast (Me).

We hope to get a shower and have time to sit outside on the patio. A glass of wine might go a long way toward soothing the frustration. LOL

Hope all of you had a nice day today. We want to say “Congratulations” to our friends Jesse & Ginger. We are so happy for you!

Once again dear readers, my gentle reminder that, in spite of life’s frustrations, Life is Good!

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