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Marilyn & I were both up, showered and dressed, when there was a knock on the door.

It was Bob, letting us know that he had taken Janet to the Emergency Room for one of those nose bleeds which won’t stop.

We remember when our friend Howard had that happen to him.

In any case, Janet is now ok, and back home in bed resting.

We are happy about that for sure!

Bob and Janet will now be staying here one extra day, so we’ll see them at Gold Canyon on Friday afternoon.

Jesse & Ginger had planned for all of us to have breakfast together in Benson, but Bob & Janet were tired and remained at home while Marilyn & I drove the truck into town.

We would have taken the car but we needed to fuel the truck for tomorrows trip anyway.

We made a stop at Walmart to pick up a couple of items, before driving to the “Horse Shoe” restaurant.

Bob & Barb joined us making six of us for breakfast and we enjoyed the meal as well as the company.

We lingered for some time after our meal was finished, then said “So Long” and wished each other “Safe Travels” as we parted with hugs all around.

Back at the State Park we made arrangements to take a tour of Kartchner Caverns at a cost of $22 each.

We then returned to the RV. Bob came over to visit for awhile, them Marilyn & I were off for our tour.

We walked to the main building and soon boarded a tram for the ride to the cave entrance.

The tour lasted an hour and 40 minutes and was very interesting. It is definitely a beautiful cave, full of interesting formations.

I was surprised to learn that the temperature inside the cave is 72 degrees F, while the humidity remains near 98%,

That is a tropical climate compared to the Mark Twain Cave which is a constant 52 degrees F, all year round, with much lower humidity.

We walked back to the RV when our tour was over. We spotted a small striped snake on the way back. In fact I nearly stepped on the little guy, but he scurried off to the shade of a cactus bush.

Bob brought us some delicious sausage and cheese balls he had made today.

After eating every one of those yummy treats, we were no longer hungry for any dinner.

Tomorrow we’ll be making our way to Gold Canyon, knowing that we are blessed by family and friends.

Life is Good!

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