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We slept fine last night but my body is still on Central Time while we are two hours earlier here in Arizona.

So when I would normally wake up around 5:00 back in Missouri, it is only 3:00 here in Arizona.

Darn! That is too early to get up for sure!

We had some fun planned for today and that was an adventure to Tombstone and then to Bisbee.

Jesse & Ginger came here to meet us at 9:00 and we were soon on the way.

It took only half an hour or so to arrive in Tombstone.

We passed the Boot Hill Cemetery and Wyatt Earp’s house as we made our way to the historic district.

We found a place to park and then explored the historic district, talking with one of the residents, dressed as a cowboy, who explained some of the history of the town and suggested several events we might like to attend.

We chose to keep our money in our pockets and simply explore on foot.

An hour or so later we strolled back toward the cars and headed out of town, still southbound.

The drive down to the old mining town of Bisbee was quite scenic and very enjoyable.

Again we parked and then walked around the town, built on the hills. I doubt if we walked on a level street anywhere as we walked up one side of the street and down the other. Literally!

We found a quaint little place, called “Cornucopia” to eat lunch.

It was quite good with freshly baked goodies, home-made soup and sandwiches, and unique drinks like Tangerine Lemonade.

Man was that ever sour! Marilyn added sugar but I toughed it out as it was refreshing, to say the least.

After lunch we walked some more. I found a book store to browse around while the ladies found more than a couple of stores to look through.

Early in the afternoon we headed back to the State Park, deciding to go through Fort Huachuca and Sierra Vista. However, work on the road and bridge made the road a single lane and we were told that it would be a twenty minute wait to continue on.

Jesse suggested that we turn around and go back the other way, so we did exactly that.

With a short stop to fuel the cars, we were soon back at the RV’s.

The six of us sat together in a circle, taking advantage of the shade behind our RV, and talked the afternoon away.

We made plans to meet Jesse & Ginger in Benson for breakfast at a restaurant called “The Horseshoe Café” or something similar to that.

We have experienced another awesome day here in Arizona and commented that we have not seen even one cloud in the past four days.

No doubt about it dear readers, Life is Good!

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