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Lots of line trucks heading east to help after Superstorm Sandy

And through the Blue Mountain tunnel we go.

Ooops, there's another tunnel! The Kitatinny.

Nellie wants time on the computer too!

Sam figures he'll just watch TV.

Taco figures this is so boring!

Tracks in the snow...from room to trailer

Our "campsite" at the Days Inn.


We continued our run from Hurricane Sandy around 10:00 a.m. by heading for our final stop west at the Hickory Hollow Campground in Rockwood, PA (just south of Somerset). I don’t know if it’s going to be far enough to avoid the high wind gusts but it’s the best we can do since so many campgrounds along this route are closed for the season.

As we drove along the PA Turnpike from Harrisburg, we must have passed over 100 electric line trucks heading east in groups of 5 and 10. And Asplundh Chipper Trucks (over 100 of them, too!) And convoys of ambulances. And tractor trailers hauling huge emergency generators (about 15 of them) plus some regular pick-ups pulling 2 and 3 on a trailer. Emergency portable lighting on several trailers. Saw a huge ASPCA tractor trailer which I assume will help with lost pets. When we passed the MTB rest area, it was full of tractor trailers but they were outnumbered by line trucks, probably getting fuel and/or waiting assignment. It was truly awe-inspiring, seeing so many people going to help.

Drove through some showers along the way. Also drove through some mountain tunnels – the Blue Mountain/Kittatinny (a double tunnel) then the Tuscarora and finally the Allegheny.

Anyway, arrived at the park at 12:41 and, after getting all set up, went to town for diesel and a few groceries. They close November 1st but the lady at the office said, although they’ll be cutting the water off, we can stay until it’s safe to leave. I can understand the water cutoff because it’s getting might chilly out there tonight. I guess it’s the dampness that makes it feel even colder than the 43˚ it is now. It’s a nice little campground in a hollow between rolling farmland hills and the sites are nice a long and relatively level (our criteria) and I'm sure I'd love to stay here under different circumstances. Trouble is, there were 4 other campers here when we got here and now they’re all leaving. Because of the storm??? Right now I’m a nervous wreck ... not because of the rain but the possible high wind gusts. I think the thing in Texas (where the wind tried to blow the slides in!) scared me a bit. What I need to do is just relax (just took one of my little white pills – anti-anxiety) and hopefully that will calm me down a bit. I know Bob has no patience with me when I get anxious; he just gets grousy with me so I’d best behave!

Bob’s cooking a nice roast chicken for dinner tonight and since we don’t have a computer connection here, I just ate my daily avocado and cleaned a bunch of grapes for Sam and me so I’m ready to calm down, snuggle in my lounge chair with a lap robe, and watch some some of football games coming on TV with Nellie Cat curled up on my lap.

I don’t like it when we can’t get on the internet but I really hate it when we have no phone service either. Oh well.


Well, Bob said he had a nightmare last night about the large pond above us breeching the dam and flooding us out and I’m worried about wind whistling down the hollows and blowing us over! So, we’ve decided to leave here and find a nice safe secure motel in town tomorrow. We drove through a couple of the motels and found that we could park the truck and trailer at the rear of the Days Inn Motel and get a room on the same side so we could keep an eye on it. Works out fine for us. Went back to the campground and packed up the house and the animals and now we’re safely ensconced in Room 143 and I can look out our window and see our little house safely parked about 50’ away. Granted, the PA Turnpike is only about 50’past that so we do have a little noise but it’s not bad. And the trailer is close enough that we can just go back and forth and get what we forgot!

Watching the storm on TV and it’s doing so much damage already and it hasn’t even hit land yet. I’m very glad we’re where we are.


It snowed last night!! Nothing too impressive since it was mixed with rain but the ground is covered to about 2” of slush. Of course, walking in the slush results in very wet sneakers and socks so my trips back and forth to the trailer resulted in cold feet.

The animals have settled into this strange "house" quite well. Sam's in his travel cage and it does limit his movement a bit but he's been fairly good about it. And, as long as Mom and Dad are nearby, Taco and Nellie could care less. Nellie likes it because there's a narrow windowsill where she can sit and watch any foot traffic and vehicle traffic on I-80 going by. Each time someone would walk by, they'd say 'hi' to her. She liked the attention.

I went out to unhitch the trailer and truck today but the trailer battery was dead and I couldn't raise the trailer. So I figure I'd start the truck and get power that way ... BUT the truck battery was dead too!! My fault. Once we got all our stuff out of the trailer yesterday, I left the heat on so it wouldn't freeze. No problem, I thought, since it's gas heat. However, I forgot that even though the furnace is gas, the blower is electric...hence the dead trailer battery. And since we didn't unhook the trailer electric cable from the truck, it drained the truck's battery. So here I am...totally stranded and unable to get my geocache-of-the-day! Oh woe is me.


One of the guys who lives at the motel gave the truck a jump start today so we let it run awhile (AFTER I disconnected the electric cable!) so we should be all ready to leave tomorrow.

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