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Our campground in Ft Pierce. Notice the palm trees!

The Traveling Cats, on top of their crate looking over the driver's...

South Florida's most dominant feature is the Everglades, and we passed mile...

Fort Pierce is about halfway between St Augustine and Key Largo, and that is why we are here. We have decided to drive more on each trip, maybe about 3-5 hours, and stay for at least 2 nights. Otherwise we are doing a lot of setting up camp and then packing up right away, and no sight seeing. It seems like a waste of time and is tedious, and we don't see much outside of the RV park. This way seems better.

We have gotten into a pretty good routine of getting ready to travel in the morning. We each have things we are responsible for, Janet mostly inside and I mostly outside. When we are getting ourselves ready, I can help with moving the furniture to the places they need to be for travel, but Janet is going to recheck everything inside before we go. As soon as it is light enough outside, I go out and start getting ready. Tanks must be emptied, hoses and cables packed up, and the truck and camper need to be hooked up. By the time I am starting the trailer hookup, Janet has everything done inside and the cats are in their crate. She brings the slideouts in for travel, puts the cats in the truck, everything is ready to go, and we are each doing our final checks on the camper. A tail light check and we are good to go.

It is a lot better that Janet can do her jobs in peace and I can do mine, and that way we take our time and make sure everything is done. It is too confusing to try to do things together.

The cats are traveling well. They stay in the crate in the small back seat of the truck till we are on the highway. We have a couple of blankets set up on the seat and on top of the crate for them to lie on. Mack's usual spot is to go on top of the crate and sleep. Sometimes he just watches out the window. Holly usually sits on Janet's lap near the passenger window and watches the world go by, or joins Mack on top of the crate. The only place off-limits for them is the dashboard and at the driver's feet. It seems to work smoothly so far. We have a small litter box on the floor in the back seat but so far neither cat has used it and there have been no accidents.

I think the effects of Hurricane Sandy are dissipating . We are pretty far south, of course, but the weather is warm and sunny. It is apparent that the New Jersey shoreline has taken the brunt of the storm and had the most damage.

Janet reminded me on the road that we are entering daylight savings time and we have to 'fall back' and reset all the clocks. I am dissappointed because as a retiree I was hoping that we could go days or weeks before we discovered that we had to reset the clocks!

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