Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Sorry it has taken so long, but frankly, after driving all day I am beat. We left home a week ago Sat. The first day we made great time. All the way to Melvern, Kansas. About 590 miles. We got there only to find out the park we usually stay in was full. So, we drove to Eisenhower State Park. VERY nice park, with a site right on the water. Some of you may have seen it on facebook. Facebook, by the way, may be how I do a lot of posting. It is so much easier, and quicker than this. So, if you want to "be friends", send me a request. There will still be a journal too. Anyway, we went to Topeka to see Joe and Glenda on Sun. Had a great visit, even tho Joe was in the hospital. He is fighting the fight with cancer. God, I had that word. It just brings fear to me. Hopefully, next time we see them, we will be camping. We hit the road on Mon. Drove until we got to Camp Walmart in Liberal, Ks. Liberal is a cattle town, and we smelled it all night. It may be the smell of money to them, but it was nauseating to us. The next day, we drove to Tucumcari, New Mexico. Stayed in Mountain Rd. RV Park. Met a couple next to us that was from Clayton, Wis. About 5 miles from my hometown. Her husband taught school in Turtle Lake, but I didn't have him as a teacher. Strange. On to the next leg of the trip. It ended in Gallop, N.M. Another Walmart, but no smell. The wind was blowing so hard, you never would have noticed anyway. Happy Birthday Susan!!! WE headed out of Gallop, onto the Painted Desert, and the Petrified National Forest. When people have asked what we have done, we say we were in the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. It sounds boring, but it is unbelievably amazing. We stopped at an overlook, and had birthday cake and lunch for Sue. It is a memory I will never forget. Have I ever said how much I love that woman? We spent the night at Meteor Crater RV Park. We didn't go see the crater (I know, I know) but maybe next time. We heard it was spectacular. Very nice park, in the middle of nowhere. Headed out to Flagstaff, and the last leg of our journey til the end of Nov. It was a great ride, and we loved Flagstaff! Nothing like the deserts of Az. that we have seen every other time. Beautiful mountains, and pine trees. Very clean too. We met a man who was selling a motorhome. So, we spent some time checking it out. Some of you know how much we love looking at stuff. No decisions yet. From there, we headed down, and I mean DOWN to Camp Verde,Az. It is the longest continuous hill I have ever been on. And, a spectacular drive. We pulled into our park, after pulling into the wrong one first. Glad it was the wrong one, the lady was horrible!. We love where we are, and they were so accommodating to us. They put us, in my opinion, in the best place in the park. We have met several nice couples. Unfortunately, they are all heading to Yuma next Friday. That is the best, and worst part about doing this. You meet nice people, and you may never see them again. Well, I am cutting it off here. There are no pictures, but I promise next time. Take care, we miss you all.

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