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Our journey continued onwards into Taupo, which is the number one sky diving spot in New Zealand. That number was anticipated to grow by one as Amanda entered the city limits, however, it grew by two instead. Prior to jumping we utilized McDonald's free wifi service to read reviews about sky diving and unfortunately came across an accident in Fox Glacier which is on the south island. This scared both of us, so Tyson decided to jump, just to make sure Amanda is will be okay. There is no other sensation in the world to be hurled out of an airplane 15000 feet off the ground over a beautiful lake with beautiful mountains in the near distance. Relief was greeted with the parachute opening. Both of us enjoyed the experience and would do it again if the financials were not of importance. Our accomodations in Taupo included a hostel for a night and sleeping in our car on a local campground for free another night. The scenery was beautiful and is full of many activities being the 'queenstown of the north island'.

We entered the Waitomo area to be welcomed with rain and many hills. This region is rich with history as there are many caves which provided shelter to aboriginals hundreds of years ago. Today the caves are used as a tourist attraction for the famous 'glow worms'. There are three ways to enjoy glow worms: Do a tour yourself in a black cave full of ice water and other unknown elements, do a guided tour, or do Black Water Rafting. Of course we participated in the last option which consisted of wetsuits, boots, inner tube and a hard hat which did not come in useful for Amanda but useful for Tyson three times on stalagmite. We jumped down small waterfalls and floated down pitch black caves enjoying the glow worms. Definately an experience worthwhile doing if in the area.

We drove back to the ouskirts of the airport and slept in our car outside a Denny's restaurant. Accomodations are expensive in New Zealand and many other travellers were also sleeping in their car. We were now ready to move to the 'playtown' of the south island, Queenstown!

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