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I had three errands today. Get Dick's prescriptions,pick up show tickets, and get pictures printed. We had spotted a CVS close by and I walked over ,they did not have a pharmacy. The walk was 1 3/4 miles. My hubby is sick. A cold I think but never the less he's near death. He thinks. So he stayed home to nap and I got on the bus , got out at the mall and went through Macy's sale racks and found two tops 65% off plus an additional 20% when you use your Macy's card. A good start. Next was the Mirage. Waited 40 minutes to pick up show tickets for our anniversary from will call line. Of course the guy ahead of me was in the wrong line and security had to be called. Got on the bus , off at the Monte Carlo where a CVS with a pharmacy is located.Got the pictures printed and headed to the sky walk to get on the other side to catch the north bound bus . It is now 4pm and Friday ,buses are packed, traffic is heavy, the ride was endless. But the guy next to me invited me to dinner. Oh and I saw Ice Tea and Coco in the Prada store as I walked by. When the bus stopped in front of Circus Circus I had been gone 6 hours. Everything is so gigantic and even walking into a building can be a quarter mile one way. Upon reaching the trailer my pedometer read 7.47 miles. Pot pies for supper, comfy pants on , and a cup of decaf with chocolate mint creamer.

Vegas is marathon training for tourists.

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