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25 October

I was directed to attend a morning walk along the foreshore and out onto the training wall, it turned in to a route march rather than a pleasant stroll, when we returned to the van both Gracie and I were knackered.

After breakfast I had a bit of a clean-up with the van, drained and flushed the water tanks after the hard lime rich water of the West and also flushed out the Hot Water service. A cupful of lime scale was in there all sitting on the bottom of the tank as it falls off the element every time the element heats up and expands. The anode looks in good shape though so won’t need replacing. I now will remove the “tempering valve” which is not working correctly, the HWS is producing water at around 60c and the taps are supposed to deliver water at 45c but now it’s just hand hot, yes it’s under warranty but reading up on these contrivances they are sensitive to scale build up so maybe it needs a rinse in Vinegar or CLR…. The only way to combat hard water is to precipitate it out in the tanks or filter it via reverse osmosis and that is a bulky expensive setup especially if the water is used for everything….

26 October

Today marks our first week anniversary in Harrington. Tomorrow we have a very long drive of around 55km to Tuncurry where we have a beach side site with a slab for the duration of our stay up this way. Its about the same distance to Taree and there is an ALDI close by as well. The wheels of the system need greasing they seem to turn at the speed of a startled snail….

Still Carol is persisting and we will get there eventually….

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