La Gira Andina 2012 travel blog

The Rover in the early morning light

The Healey on the dirt road

A pig crossing the road

Tuc Tucs

A different way of life

Another fabulous drive through the mountains as our farewell to Ecuador. Superb roads, 2nd and 3rd gear bends and lovely scenery. Nowhere to stop on the roads to photo though. One section of the road was gravel, but not too badly corrugated (washboard) and we enjoyed the challenge of the driving.

Ecuador border controls were quick and efficient, but two and a half hours to get our carnets stamped into Peru. The change of country was immediately apparent dry, flat, hot and with obvious signs of poverty. Lots of donkeys, gosts and pigs on the road, but not much traffic. The road was quick to the hotel and we arrived in time for a swim, to clean the car and walk down the road for a nice Italian dinner.

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