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A beautiful colonial port town, a UNESCO world heritage site full of colour, amazing churches and city walls.

After a hectic bus ride ( 4hrs of air conditioned snoozing, snacks and movies) we check into a beautiful hotel as the storm hits. Biblical rain through the courtyard of the hotel makes flip flops and tiled floors a Pluto on ice Disney cartoon. Headed for a bar to 'taste test' 4 local beers and a 200ml measure of tequila in an hour. Sight seeing is so much more enjoyable when you can see two of everything.

Waded into another town celebration of dancing and street food. Glee cast members are safe. The dancing seƱoritas looked like they'd been choreographed individually to seperate songs and seemed genuinely surprised when a move co-ordinated with the girl next to her. Age ranges from 15 to 50 in traditional garb it looked like an acid party in a doily factory. Very enjoyable.

Now I like meat and tortillas as mucRvh as the next man. Although the next man is Andy in which case I clearly don't like them as much as him but if I don't get more veg I'm in severe danger of being done for excess luggage on the way home. Happily found a veg cafe for green tea and fruit! Andy had Mexican eggs. There's a loaded sentence if ever I heard one.

Overnight bus tonight to the jungle!

Big Dog Breakdown..

Campeche: HUGE Tequila measures...

(UNESCO will be glad they bothered..)

A&B xxx

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