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Today we got a late start. I had some insurance stuff to take care of and our mail came so we had to get paperwork together for the license plate transfer to the new truck. Dick slept till 9. It was 11am when we hit the strip. I was on a mission to get free show tickets with coupons we gathered from Vegas books and online. This meant getting on the bus to Planet Hollywood' s miracle mile shopping mall. The theater ticket office was literally a mile through the mall. The line was long,people were complaining, and it was for free tickets. 30 minutes later I was at the counter. No tickets left for the next 4 nights. No problem anytime in the next 27 days. We got tickets for Sunday afternoon, he up graded them because we didn't yell at him. As we walked back through the mall we stopped and watched the pilot for a new TV show and rated it. The show was about a family who has rooms people rent that are tree houses. They paid us $20. Watched the free fountain show at the Bellagio and took the bus back to Circus Circus. Dick played a slot machine that involved fish. Anyway he caught one that was worth $325. That gave him enough points for a free t-shirt . Then a lady gave us her unused coupon book for Circus Circus because I was a sweetie and helped her friend get midway coupons. So we had prime rib for supper 2/ $35 and it was fabulous. Took enough home for lunch tomorrow and the dessert. Home by 7 in our comfy pants. I love a good freebie day.

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