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Viewing the Colorado River through a hole in the rock

Colorado River viewed through "Angel's Window"

Cape Royal Trail

The Colorado River





Colorado River


checking text messages while having lunch with a view

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North Rim Lodge

Taking a break at the Lodge

Oct 18, 2012

We left Moab about 9:30 am for the 6 hour drive to Glendale, UT where we will spend two nights. Bill, Margret, Nancy and Mel will visit Brice NP and Zion NP tomorrow while Cherie and I will visit the north rim of the Grand Canyon. We arrive at Bauer’s RV park about 4:30 with a fuel stop at Richfield. I thought the diesel prices would be cheaper on I-70 then in Moab but not much ($4.30/gal at flying-J).

Oct 19, 2012

Cherie and I went to the North rim of Grand Canyon while our traveling companions went to Brice NP. It was a scant 107 miles from the RV part to the north rim. The 24 mile drive from Glendale to Kanob entails 5 villages where the speed limit is 35 mph. beyond Kanob is Fredonia after which you climb to 8800 feet to the top of the mesa before dropping down to 8200 feet at the north rim of the Grand Canyon. The north rim is 1000 feet above the south rim. The north rim access is much smaller than the south rim but the views are more interesting and you can see the Colorado River from the north rim.

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