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Clanton's Cafe

Waiting for the train - They seen to run by every 30...

Deadmans Curve on Route 66

Afton Station, OK Packard Museum

Some of the non- Packards at the museum

Gateway to Miami, OK

Main street Miami

Remember Waylan's Ku Ku Burgers?

Return to Joplin, but just passing through this time

Fall colors in Missouri

Meremac Caverns signs are common on barn roofs

We headed into Vanita, OK this morning along Route 66 that we traveled in July (west to east this time) with the intention of getting breakfast at Clanton’s Café, a DDD spot, on Route 66, only to find out they don’t serve breakfast on Sundays. Since it was about 1100, it wasn’t too early to eat lunch. Clanton’s has been in business since 1927 and has always had a member of the Clanton family cooking since it opened. The food is real down home cooking with everything made from scratch. I had one of the dishes prepared on the DDD show, pulled chicken with corn bread dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy and nicely done green beans. Sue had a Southwestern chicken salad. Everybody gets a free slice of pie on Sundays. This day it was coconut crème pie.

After “breakfast” we started on Route 66. The stretch that we covered between Vanita and Miami, OK we hadn’t covered in July except for the misguided excursion down the old concrete, one lane remnant we committed to video. We skipped that option this time. In Afton, we found a restored Eagle DX gas station that had an exquisite Packard collection that included a 1917 Twin 6 that had been converted into an early RV by the Earle C. Anthony Shops in LA in 1917 for his family. This vehicle was the first of a series that were built and sold by the Anthony shops. It has a rear bedroom with convertible sofas, a bathroom, and kitchen area with gasoline cook top, ice box, and a sink. If you owned a Packard RV back then you were “glamping”. In addition to the 7 Packards there was also a customized Ford Model A, a 1935 DeSoto Airflow (cool looking car), a 1950 Studebaker, and a 1941 Hupp Skylark. All were in great condition. I met the owners, David and Laurel Kane, very nice people.

We covered Route 66 from Miami to Joplin in July. The route covers northeast Oklahoma, the southeast corner of Kansas, and into Missouri at Joplin. We stopped in Joplin for food and fuel and then jumped on I44 to make up some time and distance since it was no longer a toll road. We ended up for the night in Phillipsburg, MO at the Happy Trails RV Park. We arrived at about sundown and after the office closed. Since the wifi hotspot requires a password that I don’t have I’ll have to wait to post this until we get to a location with wifi service I can use.

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