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Main street

Sun set

Sunset over the harbour

4 girls bored! Me Tess, Jess and Dr Kate!

And Donna is the winner!

I was woken by Sepul's phone alarm. He had to take the small boat and pick up the other passengers; it took me until 5.20 am to wake him. We left Labuan Bajo at 6.00 am, I watched the sunrise and we sailed to Rinca Island for another 4 kms trek. With my sunburn I decided to stay on the boat and read, from there we went to Gili Laba for snorkelling, again I stayed on the boat. After which we set sail to Moyo Island where we laid anchor for dinner for an hour. I really can't handle the food on the boat and have now given up. Today I have eaten a banana, water-melon and a quarter pack of Pringles. I just can't face it, the mix of the smell of the Indonesian food cooking and the diesel fumes from the engine just turn my stomach but at least my sea sickness seems to be under control. Sepul and I have had a few chats today and everything is cool. I like him; he's a really nice guy. He is 29 and from Lombok and his father is a sailor too. He has a brother and a sister and he is a dive master and also used to design and do tattoos for tourists. We also had a whip round today to collect money for Captain Tommy's medical bill. He earns about 10,000 a day and it was 400,000 just to see the doctor. He seemed thankful when we gave it to him. I am now half way through my book and it has only taken 6 days so my reading must be getting better!!!

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