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Tight fit on the Cape May ferry!

Clearance is 13"6"

On the ferry leaving Cape May, NJ

Chincoteague campsite

Can you see the ponies in the marsh grass across the open...

Walking near our campsite

We had a very pleasant drive down the length of the NJ shore on the Garden State Parkway and across Delaware Bay on the Cape May ferry. Then we stuck to the coast and drove mostly within sight of the ocean along the Delaware and Maryland shore for quite a while, then had to come inland a little bit for the last 30 miles.

Chincoteague Island is a coastal barrier island on the Delmarva peninsula near the MD-VA state line, so we are just barely into Virginia. It is quiet this time of year because peak season is long over. The days are warm and nights are pretty cool (but not like Vermont!) The campground is big and right on the ocean, and we had our pick of sites.

This is crab and oyster country, so you know what we had for dinner.

We discovered that the refrigerator was not operating on LP gas, which we need whenever we don't have shore power. All indications on the control panel make thing it is running, but these just tell you there is gas and the fridge is 'ready to run'. We don't have a lot of groceries with us right now so no harm done. I thought about it a bit while driving and I decided to open up the service panel to look for something obstructing the LP gas flame from lighting or maybe some sort of valve on the gas feed. What I found was a very clean and brand new refrigerator with a small valve on the gas line that appeared to be shut off, so I turned it and we are in business. I can hear the gas flame. I will call the RV dealer tomorrow to confirm what I did, just to be safe.

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