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We made it to NJ with no problems, I purposely wanted to leave on a certain date because we would have to drive near the NYC metropolitan area, and I wanted to do on a weekend to avoid the usual weekday traffic, especially since this is the start of our trip and we are still getting used to driving a big rig. I-287 makes a nice circle about 15 miles around New York City, which is as close as I want to get.

We used the Interstate as much as possible: I-84 west to I-87 south and I-287 south with the exception of the Garden State Parkway. NYC and it's environs have many car-only parkways and turnpikes with low bridges, and since we are 13 feet 2 inches, we need roads that can handle trailer-trucks, which are 13'6" (a few inches of extra clearance is nice!). The GSP in NJ does not allow commercial trucks, but buses use it. I googled 'low overpasses on the GSP' and got a lot of info about the metropolitan section of the parkway north of exit 125. That said, there are still some overpasses that are not much higher than 13'6" (remember that number!), and they never fail to give me a shot of adrenaline whenever we pass as we make that whooshing sound.

Our first night is in a state park that turns out to be primarily a day park. It's a nice forested park, but no RV facilities. So we 'dry-camped' our first night in the camper with no hookups for electricity, water, or sewer. It was cool (in couple of ways) and we were glad we had an extra comforter. The blower for the furnace uses a lot of battery power so we ran it before bed and then again in the morning.

We chose this area because we wanted to finally visit Janet's brother Matt and sister-in-law Robin in Manasquan after they have been there for 15+ years. They put on a nice dinner for us and we toured their backyard facilities which include a patio with outdoor kitchen, pool, hot tub, waterfall, and gas torches. Nice. Quite the party place!

We learned a little something about purchasing diesel fuel in unfamiliar surroundings: do your shopping without the trailer. We saw several diesel places with good prices but there was not room for a big RV, so we paid extra the price for a station with open space. 40 cents extra per gallon is a lot when you have a 40 gallon tank. The new fuel plan is to fill up after we set up camp, even if we are having dinner at home, so that we won't have the trailer to deal with.

The first few days have been hectic and we forgot to take pictures!

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