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View from Komodo

Me and the dragon

The Dragon

We had sailed through the night to Komodo Island. I watched the sun rise from the mat on my floor; we ate breakfast and then went to the Island to hunt Komodo dragons (with camera)! We saw 2, first a baby who ran away and then an adult about 40 years old which had been tagged by American scientists from San Diego to monitor its life. In total the trek was for 2 1/2 hours and 4 kms. We were taken by Rangers on a track as there are about 1300 dragons on the Island and they do like the taste of humans given half the chance. When they bite the bacteria in their saliva gives a slow and painful death. After the trek we then sailed to Red Beach which was beautiful. I jumped off the boat, snorkelled and swam ashore. They call it Red Beach because of the small grains of red coral in the sand. Today is the first day I have burnt a little. I fell asleep on the boat when we sailed to Labuan Bajo, a harbour with a large fishing town on the west coast of the island of Flores. We went ashore and walked around for a while. People in the main are very poor here but full of smiles. The children were very curious, practising their English with us and giving us high fives. The town is a little smelly and littered with rubbish. I found the best western toilet but that was still bad. We then went back to the boat at 7.00 pm for a goodbye and welcome party for old and new guests. Tommy our captain had been injured in a motorbike accident in the town. He was taken to hospital but returned to the boat so he was okay. We partied into the night then there was just me and the crew. Me and Sepul sat up talking and singing with his guitar. When everyone started to sleep we sat watching the stars exchanging stories. Then he got me a pillow and a sleeping bag, lay in the opposite direction head touching head kissed me on the forehead and started stroking my hair. I was surprised by his advances and backed off and he went to sleep

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