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Salt water lake formed by the Tsunami here



I woke about 5.0 am and watched the sunrise. At dawn the plankton in the water around the boat reminded me of the glow-worms in Waitomo Caves in N.Z. like little blue fairy lights in the water going on and off. Over at the island I could see movement and on closer inspection I realised it was a large family of monkeys coming to the shore to have a look at us. The island has a saltwater lake left by the last Tsunami in the area, we went ashore to have a look. It was tranquil and beautiful. I saw about 8 monkeys but as they were wild I couldn't get close enough to snap them with my cheap temporary camera. We got back on the boat and had breakfast at about 9.00 am, I went for a swim in the sea and we set sail for Dongo beach on the larger island of Sumbawa, (about 5 hours sail). We went ashore to find a few locals who had walked the 5 kms from the village to have a look at us. My friend Supridai explained that they only had a primary school on this island and English wasn't taught. They had to go to the larger island for secondary school and that was too expensive for the poor local farming community so the next generation were trapped into the same poverty. The boat used to take tourists to the village, and then were asked to stop by the elders there as they were strict Muslims and tourists with their skimpy clothes were a problem! That night I slept on the deck in the main cabin at the front of the boat with about 10 others. The waves got rough as we sailed through the night and partly flooded the deck. At one time I was the only person left on the floor at the back and not too wet.

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