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Every season we spend here in Missouri we say the same thing as our time for departure nears.

“Next time we have to start getting ready to leave earlier!”

“We always wait until the last minute and then rush around trying to get things done so we can get back on the road.”

The truth is that we do wait until the last couple of days before we start our preparations.

Partly because most of the chores need to be done a day or two before hitting the road, and partly because our schedule is so packed with activity that we have little time to get things done around the RV.

Today was the perfect example.

After taking time for coffee, Marilyn emptied the fridge and put the good stuff in a cooler to take to Jennifer. She drove her car and followed me while I drove the truck to Walmart.

I showed Marilyn how to use the pump and she fueled the car.

She then left and headed to Jennifer’s place while I picked up a few items inside Walmart before also driving to Jen & Steve’s house.

We have been shopping for Christmas gifts for the little ones and had the truck loaded with items to leave behind when we head to Arizona.

Marilyn helped me load the gifts into huge, black, leaf bags to hide them from prying eyes. The gifts were then carried to the basement where we keep some of our own things stored.

We also stored a few things we are not taking with us.

Then, Marilyn watched the grandkids while I followed Jennifer around to the storage shed and she helped me get our bicycles loaded in the back of the truck.

Marilyn stayed at Jennifer’s to watch the kiddies while Jennifer went to a quiet place to study for an important test she has coming up. Sure hope she passes this important test!

I then drove back to Hannibal, stopping to pick up a hamburger before arriving at home and unloading the bikes at our RV.

After carrying several bags of trash to the dumpster, I removed an empty propane bottle from the RV and drove to the Gas & Oil company to have it filled. It costs $23 to fill a 40# bottle.

Back at the RV I installed the full bottle and waved at Jeff as he drove by. He stopped to visit for a few minutes. We’ll miss seeing this good friend when we are gone from here.

A quick glance at my watch showed that I had only a few minutes before I had to go to work at the cave.

A group of 131 students from Tennessee, all seventh graders, arrived to tour the cave.

I led two tours and then walked back to the RV, where Marilyn waited with some snacks and conversation.

We finally had time to take a breath and sat together relaxing in the comfort of our recliners, with the fireplace on for ambiance and heat.

Have I mentioned that it is cold here!

Time to head for Arizona!

Life is Good!

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