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October 13, 2012 – Longwood, Missouri

Today was the Lord’s Acre Day Sale at the Longwood Presbyterian Church. It was a stormy, rainy day, but they still managed to have a good crowd. There were not as many items to auction this year as in years past. This has been a hard year for farmers because of the drought. Except for the quilt which the ladies of the church made, prices were generally lower than they have been in the past. I got 7 quarts of homemade vegetable soup for $18 per quart. Last year I had to pay $32 per quart. I bought 3 pounds of pork chops which I’m going to enjoy eating this winter. I bought a couple of other small things – cookies and some Christmas decorations – but that was it.

I enjoyed visiting with Betty and Kenny Romig. They have a 5th wheeler, and we compared notes on traveling and living in an RV. They have their 5th wheeler parked near Warsaw and are planning to spend next weekend in it and then winterize it. Betty said that despite the drought that she had the best strawberries she has ever had. The okra crop also did well. Kenny got his sweet corn in early, and they had good sweet corn as well. That is the one thing I missed this summer. I never found any sweet corn at all.

I also enjoyed visiting with Margaret Schlomer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer and has finished her radiation treatments. It was stage 1 so they caught it early, and she did not have to have chemo. She finished the treatments a couple of months ago, but she still tires easily. I assured her that she will regain her strength, but it just takes some time.

It rained really hard during the sale, but it wasn’t raining much at all when I left. However, I did not make it home before it poured. I was glad to get inside and out of the weather. And, ready for it? The motor home DID NOT LEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Carl, the RV Doc, said that the silicone which plugged the holes where the old TV antenna had been was the cause of the leak. He filled the holes with something else and that has solved the problem.

It has rained off and on ever since I got home. There was a chance that the weather might get severe around 9 or so, but that hasn’t materialized. So far, there has been about 1.5” of rain, and it is supposed to rain all night. The threat of severe weather seems to be over although there may be a few more thunderstorms tonight.


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