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Carpe at Saddle Mountain RV Park

Arizona 95 north of Parker

Arizona 95 north of Parker

Lake Havasu behind Parker Dam

Road to Quartzsite
We didn't take it. We'll be in Quartzsite this January

Saddle Mountain RV Park
Early in the season. It'll fill up for this...

The rally grounds fill up with Winnebago products

Welcome to the Arizona State Rally

AZ State President & Treasurer: Debbie & Joe

Bob enjoys a warm breezy day on our "patio"

Rally potluck offerings

Potluck crowd tucks in

Game time at the AZ State Rally

Tue, 16 Oct: We're back in Tonopah! We were in Tonopah, Nevada a bit over a week ago and now we're in Tonopah Arizona! Not a very common town name and to have two of them in adjacent states. Actually, Tonopah is derived from the Yavapai word Tú Nohwá, meaning "Hot Water Under a Bush" (aquifers?)

The folks at 3T RV looked at all of our issues and finished up yesterday. We can't say we're "blown away" with the service we received as only about ¼ of the items on our list were fixed. They either couldn't duplicate our problem or didn't have the expertise to correct it. At least they only charged us for what they did fix but we're disappointed.

That notwithstanding, it meant that today was a travel day rather than tomorrow. We spent the nite at 3Ts and left about 0840 after taking our time getting ourselves and the coach ready for the road. After an early (alarm clock) wakeup yesterday it was nice to wake up on our own.

Anyway, we headed south on Arizona 95 along Lake Havasu and thru Parker. When we reached the intersection of AZ 95 & AZ 172 we took the latter rather than head directly south to Quartzsite. We'll be in Quartzsite for the "big do" come January, so today we continued east toward Vicksburg and I 10.

Once on I 10 we continued east to the Tonopah exit. We arrived at today's destination shortly before noon and checked into the Saddle Mountain RV Park where we'll be attending a Winnebago rally through the weekend.

The rally starts Thursday and the park was kind enough to honor their Passport America rate for the two additional nites we're here prior to the rally. Right now the park is empty (see pix) but there are forty coaches expected so it should fill up tomorrow and Thursday. Great, we love to sit around and watch other people arrive.

As stated, we'll be attending a Winnebago rally and expect this to be a very low key five days. In fact, we actually connected our fresh water supply to the park and won't be running our water pump. That's the first for quite a while. We're looking forward to long hot showers tonite without a care about depleting our fresh water tank!

It's Rally Time!

Fri, 19 Oct: The Winnebago Arizona State Rally has begun! When we arrived on Tuesday we were the first coach and by the end of the day one other coach had arrived. Wednesday witnessed the arrival of several additional coaches including some "bigwigs". We caught up on our laundry Wednesday which always leaves us feeling pretty good about ourselves when finished.

Wednesday evening we joined an impromptu "Happy Hour" outside the coach of Barb & Paul Smith who own 3Ts RV in Lake Havasu. There was a fair sized gang and lotsa catching up by these long time friends.

Yesterday, Thursday, was the "official" start of the rally. Many more coaches arrived during the day bringing the total to thirty some. Two of the coaches were very similar to Carpe including a Tour that has the identical floor plan.

Last evening was the official kick off which started with a pot luck. We elected to eat in our coach as our experience with pot lucks has been "iffy" diet-wise. We wandered over later and our decision was justified as there was very little we could have eaten.

Following dinner was a welcome by the rally organizers and then game time. We're not game people and are always amazed at the enthusiasm with which these folks tackle the complexities of bean bag toss and miniature horseshoes. If only their grand kids could see "granny" at this stuff...

Stay tuned for updated rally events...

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Miles this leg: 144.1
Total miles since Casa Grande: 10,260.8

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