La Gira Andina 2012 travel blog

A comfortable ride.

Early morning view

Other road users

Afternoon view

Biscuits wrapped in a banana leaf

A shop in Barichara


This was supposed to be a short day's driving and it was except for the delay caused by one large traffic jam. As a result we arrived in Barichara at 3.30pm instead of in time for a late lunch. Still time to have a quick swim to cool off - a very hot dasy - and walk along an ancient paved path where there were fossils in the stones and leaf cutter ants.

We had a great day driving with Debbie and David Gault. We saw oil palms - the staple crop of the area, exportes for bio fuel - coconuts, bananas and oranges. Lots of tolls to pay and a few pot holes! It is a holiday weekend and we hit a large traffic jam but the scenery was beautiful and we enjoyed the day. Maximum temperature 32C but also high humidity. Dusk is early as we near the Equator.

No stop for luch but we did stop at a cafe with aview where a 12 year old girl was supervising various younger siblings in doing their homework and selling biscuits wrapped in banana leaves and drinks. The biscuits were good so those and a banana stood in for lunch.

When we arrived in Barichara we found that there was a full scale procession going on with many streets closed. Luckily it was a grid system so navigation was not too difficult apart from the fact that the streets were narrow and the kerbs very high.

After our swim and walk we had a great meal in a local reataaurant with the Gaults and Paul. The menu was meat or fish and beer and the 'boy' had to go out to get us some wine. The fish was excellent and the meat - probably lamb - was interesting.

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