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Site at Top Tourist Broken Hill

Argent St looking east

Argent St looking west

Town Hall

Foundation Stone

Steam Tram outside the Court

steam tram turning into Argent St

Trades Hall

Trades hall plaque, can you read it?

Stained Glass detail, Trades Hall

A free day in The Hill. Blowing a red hot desert breeze – I feel a song from the Desert Song coming on…. Richard Tauber did a great version of this…. But here is the Gordon McCrea version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkcAa1j0CR0 and for just a good foot tapping desert experience have a look at this clip from the original 1929 film, technically very interesting as sound had only been introduced in 1928 with the Jolson Story and this is a hybrid, with sound and titles on the screen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i8XFwIudGQ

Lonely as a desert breeze

I may wonder where I please

Yet I keep on longing

Just to rest a while

Where a sweetheart's tender eyes

Take the place of sand and skies

All the World forgotten

In one Woman's smile

One alone, to be my own

I alone, to know her caresses

One to be, eternally

The one my worshipping soul possesses

At her call, I'd give my all

All my life and all my love enduring

This would be a magic World to me

If she were mine alone

One alone, to be my own

I alone, to know her caresses

One to be, eternally

The one my worshipping soul possesses

Ok having got that of my chest I have to hammer in an additional peg to the windward side of the clothesline, even though the clothes are drying faster than the washing machine can wash them….

I feel a couple of schooners of West End coming on; I may have a couple with a mate while Carol has her hair cut. I hope there is a Go LO or $2 shop in town; we need a new broom as the handle on ours got squashed…

Its late afternoon now the A/C is running flat out about 37c outside and a bracing 23c in the van.

While Carol was in the barbers shop I had a run around town with my camera and took some pics of the Town Hall and the Trades Hall. I need a prototype of each for my tramway and these are real beauties. At the town hall I was met by a “mature” woman who casually asked why I was taking so many pictures. I told her I intended to build a model of the building for my tramway and that did it, she was off, reminiscing about her childhood and the steam trams of Broken Hill ( she didn’t look that old to me, must be the rural lifestyle) how she used to get taken to the movies ( yes they were silent) and magic Lantern shows at the town hall and her piece de resistance was to take me behind locked doors and let me take a pic of a steam tram in Argent St showing clearly the towers of the Court, the Town Hall and the Post Office. I might add that the service stopped in 1926!!!! In the pic of the tram turning into Argent St. note the advert for Amgoorie tea on the building bottom left. The Foundation Stone was laid by Henry Parkes before carol was born in Parkes NSW named after him.

At the Trades Hall I was addressed as “Brother”, the guy behind the desk looked up from his paperwork and said “can I help you brother?” I told him I just wanted to take some pics and he said “go for it; but you need to go in next door thru the “museum entrance””. It was with much restraint that I did not tell him I worked in the distant past for an organisation that used to be very interested in their meetings…..

So now I’m far enough away from WA for any repercussions what were our impressions and our highlights. Well we are so pleased we did this trip, the scenery as selected was absolutely breathtaking. The Kalbarri Gorges eat anything the Red centre can put up against it, the Forests in the SE are equally breathtaking, the trees are simply spell binding and the weather in this part of the world is equally “breath taking”. The coastal scenery was yet again mind blowing; I’ve taken so many great panoramas I won’t know which ones to frame when I get home. The people we met are very nice even some of the locals were friendly. I have acquired a taste for Amgoorie Tea and bought up stocks in The Hill today as it’s not available in the Eastern States. Our memories are special. Of course every trip has to have an ultimate high spot and for me it was of course getting to drive the W4 at Whiteman Park.

WA is great you have to visit at least once just be aware the distances and isolation can also be “breath taking” but even taking into consideration our breakdown we would not have missed this for quids….

I confess I'm amazed no one can identify the "Mystery Man" considering he was briefed on "Operation Correopsis" and had a working knowledge of why empty Eskies always felt heavier than they should...

Moving on to Cobar tomorrow…..

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