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Up at 4.30am. Breakfast at 5am then out of the hotel to the airport. A two hour flight to Wuhan where it was even more polluted that Beijing. According to our guide the pollution was due to the heavy industry in the area including a number of major car manufaturers. At one point you could not even see a quarter of a mile across the fields.

On arrival in Jinzhou we had lunch then went to the Jinzhou museum which was built in 1957 to house local ecavated finds.

Jinzhou is a 5th level city compared to Beijing (which would be a level 1). Many more motorized types of three wheeled vehicles as well as bicycles.

Many contrasts - the bullet train on one side of the highway and water buffalo on the other in a small farm.

China has, and is, putting in the infrastructure for roads and trains to support the rapidly developing growth and industrialization. This is very evident from the roads we have been travelling on.

One hour drive to the dock in Yichang where we boarded our boat for a four day cruise down the Ynangtze River

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