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Chateau de Josselin

Grammar, Barb, Pierre and I headed for Josselin to get some groceries. When we got there, it looked so interesting that we decided to wander around before shopping. We poked into an English (!) bookstore and had yummy crepes for lunch.

Then we went on a guided tour of the Chateau de Josselin with a very thoughtful young woman who spoke particularly slowly and clearly because she knew there were several non-French speakers. Even I (sf) understood everything.

The chateau is beautiful and is set in grounds that have magnificent trees and a dry moat on the land side. On the other side, a river - now part of the Nantes to Brest canal - protects the chateau. Buildings on the site have been constructed and destroyed several times depending on the politics of the owner. The first buildings, which were constructed in 1008 by the Viscount of Porhoet, Rohon and Guemene, have long since disappeared. The current chateau was built in various time periods that included 1370-1407, 1407-1520 ( when the duc du Rohon's neice, Anne of Brittany, married King Charles VIII) and partially destroyed in 1629 and 1760. The large section destroyed in 1629 was ordered pillaged by Cardinal Richelieu because the duc de Rohan at that time became Protestant and fought against the King of France.

The current building is simple and gothic on the river side; elegantly Renaissance in style on the land side. It is still inhabited by the de Rohon family who appear to have survived French politics better than many.

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