Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Nellie loves the top of the slide when we pull it in...

Chip and Bonnie's new house

The pond they built in the back

Farmer cutting soybeans in the field behind their house

All the boats have left for the winter.

That's Cedar Point Amusement Park in the distance.

Penny on the rocks. With a cache.

Stopped here on the way off the rocks.

And they were VERY nice. Forgot their names!!

Bob's going to make applesauce.

Needs LOTS of stuff!

Mid process

And after the applesauce, this little apple cake with the leftovers.

A sign in Castalia, OH

Fish in the hatchery!!

Tons of fish!!

Downstream view.

Chip and Penny fishing

Chip's catfish

Penny's much littler catfish. But they fight so well on the line!

In Sandusky

A lighthouse outside the museum

Another one

That's Chip's butt...looking in a little cabin we found while out geocaching.

It's about 12' wide and only 3' deep!

This is a half-and-half tree!

A really cute church


Our second stop in Ohio is the Camp Sandusky Campground, a nice campground where we’ve stayed before. Usually we stay at my brother’s house, plugged into their electric, cable and water but since they’ve moved into their new house, there just isn’t room for us anymore. This is a nice campground but the lots are a tad short and there are apples all over the ground. Squish, squish. Bob collected a bunch of the good ones, though, and made an apple pie and some applesauce. Yummmm.

Chip and Bonnie have moved from a 8-room 2-story house to a 4-room ranch house but it is beautiful! Bonnie just has such a wonderful knack for decorating and Chip has the knack to implement her ideas. If we ever get another house (yeah, sure!), I’m going to have Bonnie decorate it for me!

Out for the usual geocaching because I have to keep my “Find” days record intact (most consecutive days with a “find”). Some stops it’s difficult because, depending on how many days we stay in place, there might not be that many caches reasonably close. So far - so good, though.

Chip and Bonnie would like to be able to travel a bit (for a week or so at a time) but they’ve decided they’re past the tent stage so they’ve been looking for a popup trailer. Well, I found two for them to go see…actually 3 because someone had one for sale at the last campground … so off we went to see them. One was a 1998 one with a slide-out dining area and the other was a 2004 camper with the dining area in the main part of the camper. We didn't bother driving all the way back to Wauseon to see the other because I knew t didn't have the side dining area which is really nice when space is at a premium. After several days of discussion, they decided to go with the older one because it had more usable floor space. Trouble is, when they went over to go through the set-up/take down procedure with the owner, the mechanism that cranks the top up failed! Such a disappointment. They stuck with that one though and the guy brought it to their house where Chip worked on it and got it working just fine. Now all they have to do is get the electric hookup put in their truck.

They’re planning on going to North Carolina to visit Chip’s middle daughter so we’re trying to coordinate our schedules and meet them there. He still has some work to do on his trailer and we still have to spend some time in New Jersey so we’ll just have to hope we’re both done the “have to’s” at the same time.

Chip and I went fishing at a place we found while geocaching and we caught (and released) 36 channel cats in about 4 hours! It was fun, for sure. So a couple of days later, we took Bob out to fish with us but we only got 16 channel cats in the 4 hours we were there. Bob and I had been there the day before, just to look, and there was an Oriental couple there who had 2 coolers full of fish of all sizes. They even kept the little ones. No further comment on that.

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