Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

What Cheer

Our campsite

A barge

There's a nice beach here

The LaFarge processing plant

Train cars waiting to be loaded

They also go inside to be loaded

I don't know what was in these tanks, though

Another way to spell "Main", I guess.

The bridge over the Mississippi

This cache is full of stuff!

Some pretty little flowers near the cache.

One doesn't usually think of Illinois when they're thinking Skiing!

These are delicate, pretty looking flowers, too.

BOO!! This was a cute geocache!

We watched them shuffle train cars all around in this train yard.

These engines were the ones that did the sorting.

And the corn is THIS high.

As we traveled to our next stop, Buffalo, Iowa (right on the Mississippi River below Davenport, IA), we passed the road to the town of What Cheer. We also passed Two Rod Road and Three Rod Road. The names of some of the roads and towns we come across are really interesting and you can just imagine the history behind those names. I sort of wonder whether originally there was a comma between the What and the Cheer. We passed more huge soybean and corn farms, lots of bulk storage facilities for same, a small feedlot, and just mile upon mile of beautiful scenery.

I picked the Buffalo Shores RV Park because it’s on the Mississippi River and we love to watch the barges traveling up and down but after being here 2 days, we noticed this part of the river doesn’t seem to have as much traffic as further south. We did see two or three but that’s about the extent of it.

As usual, after getting set up at camp, off we went to explore and do some geocaching. Right down the road from us is the LaFarge plant that processes rocks from the quarry across the road. LaFarge is a French industrial company specializing in four major products … cement, construction aggregates, concrete and gypsum wallboard.

We crossed the Mississippi River into Andalusia, Illinois to gather some geocaches and found a ski slope (!), a skeleton (!!), a casino, and other interesting things.

Back in Iowa, we happened upon a little trainyard where there were 2 engines sorting rail cars for their continuing journey. The engines would hook onto a couple of tank cars or hopper cars or gondolas, back up then the trainman would change the switch and the engines would go forward. As they moved forward, the poor trainman had to run alongside to open the coupler and then the cars would go down whichever track, all by themselves, to join the other cars already there. This is how they did it at this yard. At larger yards, there is usually a hill and the engines push the cars up the hill, let go, and the cars roll down the hills to their waiting companions. All in all, it was pretty neat to watch. The trainman really earned his money, though ... switching the switch and uncoupling the cars.

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