Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

A large grain operation along the way

The birds will LOVE these sunflowers!

Corn is almost ready to harvest

Our campsite

House across the street from the campground

The grain elevator in Kellogg

VERY tall storage

See that chair way down there?

While out geocaching, we saw this lake full of houseboats.

More wall art

Here's a cache that looks like a rock ...

...but turn it over and here's the inside!

A tower of wagon wheels

Is this really a birdhouse?

Not when you open it up and see the cache inside.


Penny was checking out this tree cavity

Here come the bisons!

The bison taking their afternoon snooze

But I woke them up!

And here they come up the hill

This is as close as they got though

And we're still draining wetlands!

There's hope, though.

There are 3 of them on the other side of the pond

Just some bison info

We were sitting at this pond when we saw the bald eagle

Kellogg RV Park is another campground where we stayed in 2008 on our first trip westward. It’s on a hill behind Iowa’s Best Burgers and one night Bob and I decided to check out these “best burgers”. They were good, indeed, but they aren’t the best we’ve had. Of course, I don’t remember having any other burgers in Iowa so perhaps they ARE Iowa’s best burgers.

The first time we were here, there was only one other camper in the campground but this time it’s pretty full. Some are ones who stayed after the race at the speedway just down the road and others are the natural gas pipeline workers who travel where the work is.

We saw some interesting sights while we were out geocaching around the area. Besides getting covered in little stickers (Bob called them "booby lice"!) on the way to the birdhouse cache, we saw a tower built out of old wagon wheels. a Quaker Cemetery (I’ve always thought of Quakers as just being in Pennsylvania); a huge grain elevator/grainery; some bison and a bald eagle. That’s one reason I like geocaching so much … it gets us to areas we’d never visit and shows us sights we’d never see otherwise.

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