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Big oil or gas rig along the way

Valero refinery

I like Garth Brooks

We read about this in Foss

Nice little "Welcome" park ....

.... with a metal buffalo in it

There was a fire at our RV park the second night.

A very large soda bottle!

And this is what they had inside the building. Thousands of them!!

No comment.

Might be a little hard to read

The Round Barn in Arcadia

A cute little donkey

Lots of horses

Come along, Little Pony

One of many nicely turned out equestrian groups

An old, very old, abandoned gas station with some history.

Cleaning up after the fire.

Our journey today took us 141 miles on the interstates and 4 miles on historic Route 66 to the Oak Glen RV Park on the outskirts of Chandler, OK. We are going to stay here for a week because it's rather difficult finding campsites on holiday weekends.

After getting set up and out for our "discovery" travels around the area, we came upon a gigantic soda bottle, along with a really colorful building. Stopped and went into the building and wow! thousands of colorful soda bottles along the glass walls and in the freezers and on the shelves. We learned this place, Pops, is famous for the huge inventory of different flavors and colors of sodas...and for the 66' tall soda bottle outside. Although we didn't buy anything, we spent about 30 minutes there, just enjoying wandering around and seeing the different flavors and names on the bottles.

Further down Route 66, we went through Arcadia where we spied a huge round red barn. We saw a sign advertising a parade and rodeo in town over the holiday so we went back for that. This parade had lots and lots of horses of all breeds and sizes. Enjoyed that very much. We decided not to go to the rodeo because it was later that night and we didn't want to go back home and then come out again. Guess that's our age showing.

We DID stop for a geocache at a very old gas station on the way home. On Route 66 is one of the last old gasoline filling stations still standing in this part of the country. No one knows for sure but it is thought to have been built in the late teens or early twenties. It had two pumps, one for regular gas and one for ethyl which was a little higher octane. Oil was dispensed from a 50-gallon drum which was laid down on its side on a wooden frame. A spigot was in the end of the drum under which a quart can was put which was then taken to a car and put in the motor.

Since there was no electricity, the homes and buildings were lighted by kerosene lamps. Kerosene was dispensed the same way as oil from metal drums.

Cold soda pop was sold only on days when the iceman made it by. The pop was put in a large metal box with chipped ice over it. Hard candy was sold most of the time, chocolate only in the winter.

Back then it was hard to make a living. One day when Al Capone was terrorizing Chicago, a so-called salesman came by this station offering to sell the owners a way to make lots of money, literally, because he had a set of counterfeit 10-dollar-bill plates.

A small room was constructed on the back of the station solely for hiding the printing material and a place to work. The only entrance was through the window on the back wall of the building. The window had a solid wooden door which was kept closed most of the time. People didn't know there was a room back there.

The counterfeiting was done by pressing the plates with green ink onto a piece of paper then letting that side dry for 24 hours and then printing the other side the next day.

Things were going well until one of the persons passing fake bills got caught and by his identification he had on him was traced back to the old station. While seaching the building the plates were found. As that person was being taken to jail he was overheard saying, "It wasn't worth it." The old station closed forever.

Many years later, a murdered victim was found in back of this building. Authorities weren't sure if he was killed there or elsewhere. No one ever knew who this victim was since no one was reported missing and there was no ID on him.
Courtesy of The Sooners/

Oh, there was a fire at our campground. One of the trailers about 4 trailers down from us burned down (up?) the one night. Luckily, there were no pets inside and the woman who lived there was able to get out. Also, luckily, the trailer was a fair distance from it's neighbor so no others caught fire. Let me tell you, when these things get burning, there's no stopping them. The fire company had lots of water on it but to no avail.

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