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Four weeks down. The last month in reflection has gone by quickly. I can’t believe Monday is the 1st of October. We have a one week break. I am really looking forward to doing some traveling during our time off but it comes with a price. I have lots of work to do before and after so I can take the week off and not work on school stuff.

Friday and Saturday was sports day. The Chinese have an interesting way of doing things. We were told we had to participate in some of the events. Low key, shooting free throws, doing a shot put, running if we were so inclined. The whole school is out on the track all day. You got to live this. When the students are not participating in events or cheering their classmates on they are studying. As you can see from the photo there is no lost academic time here. I was walking around speaking to students in a more casual setting and one of my students comes up and wanted to speak about some confusion about an economic concept. Great, but its sports day so let’s leave the academic work to the classroom. I answered his question then shifted gears to be more social about what he was doing for break. At the end of the day, Class 13 (we refer to student cohorts as class xx instead of say period 1 or period 6 students as in the states) invited us to have dinner with them in the cafeteria. When we arrive they cheered and clapped for us. (we were surprised) it was an awesome feeling. The Chinese students have tremendous respect for their teachers. The taught us how to make dumplings so after making several large trays of dumplings they cooked them up and we had a social dinner meal. It was fun chatting with the students and interacting more socially than academically.

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