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Today is our last trek. We are off to see the Golden Monkeys. Easy short trek into the park. There are 120 monkeys total in the park. Not sure how many we are seeing. They are all over jumping from tree to tree, climbing and eating the bamboo! Amazing experience!

Isaac now has to drive us back to Kigali for our flight tomorrow to Kilimanjaro.

We had lunch at the Lava Bistro...burgers and fries. A strawberry milkshake and diet coke also! Some how I got locked in the bathroom...but was able to pass the key under the door for the manager to unlock and let me out!

We arrived back to Kigali.

Trying to order dinner was a real feat. Trying to find something that they actually had from the menu.

Today's lesson is just because it is on the menu doesn't mean they have it!

Tomorrow we fly to Tanzania!

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