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Our second day of trekking. Wondering how we will top yesterday. Again today we started out in the farmers' fields. Francis is our guide. We have our porters to carry our packs. Today's trek is easier, not as steep as yesterday, but because of last night's rain it was muddy. It was not as far to the park but we had to do more jungle trekking in the bamboo.

Today we are visiting the Sabinya Family. A group of 12 with 2 Silver Backs. The oldest (42) and biggest, we called him King Kong. The second was called Big Ben. These gorillas eat bamboo which makes them drunk.

Our first contact with this group is a black back that came running out of the woods grabbed our guide's arm and started pulling him. Francis had to hang on to some bamboo. Next he grabbed Gary's thigh and gave him a shove. This gorilla was supposedly drunk. We recovered and moved on to watch the huge silver back and the young babies playing. All of a sudden we heard the gorillas rip some huge farts, and those close by said they reeked.

We moved to another area and another gorilla came running out from behind us and gave Peter a shove. It was a scary but exciting experience!

This family seemed to stay in a group in one place, where as the group yesterday was moving around a lot.

We returned back to the hotel in our muddy boots. W e are so lucky that the staff cleans our shoes for us!

Another experience there are no words for!

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