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Rick and Bandit.

The rocks being hauled up just beyond the truck

Inside stairway leading to the middle section

Jim Bishop's studio and gift shop

Underground construction. Hard to imagine 1 man doing this by himself

Inside Room and construction tools/supplies

I cannot imagine how he did this one. The dragon is really...

Elevator used to haul stone and steel to the upper levels

The flooring looks really nice.

Front and top view of the Castle

Side view. I took over 100 pictures of the castle. About 1/3...

I am just amazed one man did all of this

Inside rooms and fireplace

There is a out house for those that need it. Not much...

I took over 100 pictures of this piece of art. I talked with Jim for a few minutes, and he told us he was 68. I can tell you he is in great shape. Opinionated and strong in his beliefs of what America should be. Even if you don't agree with his political views, you will have to admit, this Castle is a great piece of construction.

The website for the journal is in Canada, and they did maintenance this weekend. Not sure what happened but many of the pictures were rotated 90 degrees. I corrected them, but lost some of the width. Not sure why, but that was the best we could do without reloading. The pictures are about 4-5 megs in size so it takes awhile to load them on the server and tomorrow morning I am leaving and will lose the internet connection.

There has been a lot written about Jim and the castle and here are a few links you might enjoy.

Please Click HERE for Jim's website

If you want to visit his original website please click HERE

If you ever get to this part of Colorado stop by and see the Jim Bishop Castle.

Thanks for riding along with us and have a great week


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