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Jim Bishop unloading his truck and talking to the crowd

Side view of Bishop's Castle

Tunnel to the front. Notice the steel reinforcing brace

Back side Windows. Every piece seems to fit perfectly

Rear View showing the top walkways. Walkways are constructed of Steel

Side view showing the contstruction jigs

Rear of the building steel supports

Jim's sign. Give credit where credit is due

Walkway from the side to the front of the castle

This is the first part of the castle that you see as...

Stone Cutting Tools I think. I did not ask, but it sure...

Front Middle view including the windows.

Another view of the columns and steel walkways. I had Bandit with...

The elevator used to haul stone to the top.

View of the Castle dragon and elevator.

Tunnel from the back to the front of the castle

Room Construction. These are big rooms.

Jim, close to the truck bed, giving the background on the castle

This passageway is located mid way to the top of the castle

It is safe to walk on. I am not sure Bandit would...

Beautiful isn't it

I hope you enjoy the pictures of the Bishop Castle. I had to divide into 2 sections as we are limited on how much can be uploaded at one time. For some reason a few pictures were rotated, at the server, and I corrected here. Once the pictures our on the server, I connect with the same server to correct them. Since I will be losing my internet connection tomorrow I did my best to correct and give you the full video. Some worked and some didn't.

The trip to Bishops Castle was a joy in itself. There is a lot of beautiful country in this part of Colorado, and she glad we came here to see it.

For more information on the Castle please click HERE.

Here is another link you might find of interest. Please click HERE for more information.

Remember on the internet links if you click on the small images they will become bigger.

I included links also on segment 2. With these links you will know all there is to know about Bishops Castle. Hope you enjoy and thanks for riding along with us.

Rick and Bandit.

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