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We left our little campement and had to back through M'lump where the whole village appeared to be involved in cleaning up the area around the Kapok trees - rakes and brooms were the order of the day. We were heading to a place called Cap Skirring on the coast and a bit further up to Djembir where we had heard there is a fantastic camping site on the beach. Unfortunately the road was still too wet to attempt the drive - so. Went back to Cap Skirring so cook groups could shop and had a bit of a look around - considering that this is considered to the the main tourist area in Senegal and there are a number of resorts nearby one of, which is known as Club Merde.

It wasn't the best place although I did manage to get a serve of good hot chips. One of the locals was a real hassle he kept following and his story became gradually more idre as he was asking for money. When I refused he latched onto others of our group.

Sooo north again to the end of the cape and another reputed, good camp site according g to Lonely Planet - but the road ended at a river too deep to cross hmmmm what know - another road to the beach but it stopped at the top of a hill so stayed there for Lunch.

OK back down through Cap Skirring again to Kabrousse - turned off near one of the resorts and Dave went in and negotiated for us to camp in their grounds and we a red to drink in their bar. Only 3 euros a tent but some of us took one look at the place and decided to negotiate for ourselves - ended up with 4 rooms and 8 of us in air conditioned comfort. The ladies who came in to make up Bev and my room were quite amused at our screams of delight when fresh white linen and fluffy towels appeared. We have greatly abused their hospitality by doing a stack of our dirty laundry in the bathroom and spreading it throughout the room and Bev has here's hanging on a tree outside - luckily this is not yet the tourist season so the hotel is still I slow mode and is not so concerned about us.

The beach here on the Atlantic Ocean was almost too warm for swimming last night but today is a little bit cooler.The is a stretch of clean white sand and enough water for us all to enjoy.This is not exactly Overlanding but Guinea Bissau beckons tomorrow and we will be back to very very basic conditions. Did I mention the heat and the humidity? Well its hot and humid there seems to be no relief. Bev has bites all over her torso not mosquito and even the local pharmacist is unsure what caused them the rest of us are covered in mozzie bites - I take an antihistamine every day to try to stop scratching but it only partially works and of course the hotter you get the more they itch.

Can't believe that we have been able to use the internet here well not so much her at the resort but in some of the small places we have stayed we had better connections than we get in some of the cities.

This interlude couldn't have come at a better time almost half way through this trip for me about half still have 8 weeks to go and are wondering how they will cope but they will.

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