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For some reason I awoke a little after midnight and never did go back to sleep last night.

It might have been the pizza with lots of those crushed red pepper flakes on it. Suppose? LOL

In any case I got out of bed at 4:30 because we had to meet Jennifer and the grandkids before 7:00 AM and I wanted coffee before we left the RV. LOTS of Coffee!!

As soon as we returned to the Campground with the little ones, Marilyn fed them blueberry pancakes and sausage while I got myself ready for work.

After sharing hugs and kisses with the grandkids, I walked to the Cave to begin leading tours.

The American Queen Steamboat was docked and we had a steady stream of passengers arriving to tour the Mark Twain Cave.

Things calmed down about 12:00 noon and I walked back to the RV, finished for the day.

My timing was good enough to have time for a bit of play and some hugs before the little ones went down for their nap.

Marilyn & I dozed or relaxed in the comfort of our recliners while the kiddies napped.

It was after 4:00 in the afternoon when the naps ended.

We played and watched a movie called “Land Before Time” which the kids must know by heart by now.

After dinner and “tubby time”, both of the little ones sat with Marilyn & I looking at Bird Books. They seem to love looking at bird pictures and have a pretty good knowledge of the different birds.

Colby pointed out the Kingfisher to Marilyn even though he can’t read yet.

One thing the kids are doing which pleases us, is that they are developing an appreciation of nature.

No doubt about it, Life is Good!

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