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Today I went to Rome. It is the most beautiful, amazing city I have ever seen. It’s not a ‘blast from the past,’ but rather a blast from the ancient past. The coliseum was huge and very intricate; I can’t believe how old it is. I explored the city for several hours with a few classmates and intentionally got lost. Every few blocks we would stumble upon some kind of ancient ruin or massive fountain on crazy monument; too much to describe in just a few sentences. I also learned that authentic Italian pizza is delicious and should be served in every major city. I had my first scuba class yesterday and it was mostly informational and class work. Tomorrow we set sail for the first time, an estimated 16-18 hour trip.


Somewhere in the Mediterranean

We’ve been sailing now for about 13 hours. I just finished my first night watch, and manned the helm. The Argo is an amazing ship both in size and valor. We saw a few pods of dolphins today. They are beautiful creatures and jumped into the air, like they were giving us a show. I learned so much today, despite not having any class. We had drills for Fire, Man Overboard and Abandon Ship. Everyone aboard has his or her own duties to attend to. I finished off the night by looking over the stern and watching the bioluminescent glows and pulsations of jellyfish in our boat’s path.

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