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Wide open country on I-80 in Nevada

More open country. We think this is prettier that drving through nothing...

Interesting Cloud

South side of Mt Lassen from W of Susanville, CA

Meadow and Mt. Lassen

Mt. Lassen

Sharon and Mt Lassen

The side of the Mt. the volcano blew out

Looking S from side of Mt Lassen

Bumphell Hell and Trail (Photo from NP website)

N Summit CG. We had the largest campsite in the CG

July 24-26: Drive across Nevada and Northern California to Lassen Volcanic NP

The first day was an easy drive across northern Nevada on I-80 to Fernley, NV. We thought it was a pretty drive through wide open sage brush valleys with mountains on both sides of the highway. Beautiful blue skies. We spent the night in Fernley at Desert Rose RV Park. A nice RV Park, clean level concrete parking pads, a good place for overnight, or to stay a few nights if you want to visit Fernley.

The second day was a pretty drive on US395 north of Reno & then state highways to Lassen Volcanic NP.

I had hopes of boondocking along a forest road just south of Lassen NP, but after driving 2 miles down a gravel road and not finding anyplace to park Homer, we settled on staying in a CG inside the NP.

We stayed at Summit Lake North CG. The CG is very tight and was crowded. Not suitable for RV’s over about 26’. This CG was probably built in the 1960’s or 70’s when RV’s were much smaller. As is typical of National Forest and National Park CG’s most campers have to have a campfire. Even it they are not sitting by the campfire they have to have it burning. Actually I should say they leave it smoldering, not burning. As a consequence there is a lot of smoke in the CG’s.

We toured the scenic views from the roads in the NP and stopped by the visitor center to view the displays about the park. Everything was nice, but we saw about all we wanted to see in the one full day we toured the park.

I thought about taking a 2 mile hike to a geothermal area in the park, but quickly realized it wouldn’t be as pretty or impressive as what I have seen at Yellowstone NP.

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