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I’m afraid that my writing and Marilyn’s photography have suffered quite a bit since we have been here in Hannibal.

We have been so busy that our “RV” routine no longer exists.

Well, it is still alive and well in our minds, but we are too busy to think much about it.

Our time here now grows short and, as the song says, our “days dwindle down to a precious few“.

We still have quite a few things to get done before we leave, and we continue to cross items off our “To Do” list.

Marilyn had a Doctor’s appointment this morning.

My appointment is one week from today.

The place we were concerned about, a mole on Marilyns back, turned out to be just fine but the Doctor looked at a red spot on Marilyn’s forehead and thinks it is a Basel Cell Carcinoma. She scraped it and sent the sample off to be tested.

If surgery is required we want to have it done in Arizona while we are there for the winter.

If any of you dear readers know of a good skin surgeon who does Mohs surgery, please take a moment and let us know about it.

After leaving the Doctor’s office we joined Jennifer and Lauren at Lowes, where Jen was shopping for a couple of items for the house.

We had time for hugs and kisses before we headed home, making one more stop for a bite of breakfast.

We are baby-sitting tomorrow but I have to work at the Cave nearly all morning. The Paddlewheel Boat, American Queen, will be docked here for a couple of days. They have 800 passengers on board so the tour schedule at the cave will be busy for sure.

We have items to take to the storage shed at Steve & Jen’s, and a few to retrieve, like our bicycles. We plan to ride the bikes a lot while we are in Arizona. Now if we can just find a way to get them there.

The hitch on the back of the RV will now be used to tow the Fiesta, so the bikes need to go somewhere else. Our overall towing length is too much to add the bike rack and bikes to the back of the car.

I did purchase a TV to use in the basement storage bay of the RV, and have an older one to get rid of before we leave. The old one is not HD and has to have a converter box to watch regular TV, so it has to go.

The entire basement storage bay needs to be re-arranged for travel.

Tires and the air ride system need to be properly inflated, the Pressure Pro system needs to be set up again, as I am adding the four tires which are on the car.

Bob & I hope to get the 12v disconnect switch installed in the car, and before you know it we’ll be on the way.

The fridge issue is still not entirely resolved. I cannot yet convince myself to pull the trigger and spend the money for a residential fridge conversion. I still think it would be a good idea. I just don’t want to spend the money right now.

All of these things become minor issues once we are on the road.

Traveling down the open road, seeing new sights, visiting interesting places, discovering a new restaurant or a comfortable Campground, sitting with friends and a glass of wine, and finally arriving at the winter’s destination. These things will all happen in a short time.

For now though, it is time to stop daydreaming and get back to the busy schedule.

It is always fun to think about the RV life though and what is ahead, down the road or over the next hill, around the bend, etc, etc.

There I go again!

Life is Good!

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