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Here we are - parked at Coyote Ridge

Paul Salopek - I will add his URL when it goes live

Sitting around the fire

Matt's birthday cake

See ya down the road - as we leave Coyote Ridge

FRIDAY: We went to the Pink Store in Las Palomas, MX, just south to Columbus, NM. They have some of the best food there plus anything and everything for my house. I picked up a dresser scarf, some glasses and will go back later for salt and pepper shakers that will match my napkin holder. They are unpacking a huge (2 trucks) load of new stuff.

We will also be going back there next week with the people Rally. I feel really safe there as the people in the store even call us by name. So nice.

Time for happy hour - it was a 3 hour lunch so now almost 4 pm.

SATURDAY: Watched a beautiful sunrise over the mountains here on the southern boarder of NM. Our friend's wind chimes are softly tinkling beside my window and I'm watching the hummers fight over the feeder out the other one.

I'm S2BF and breakfast & meds done. Started a load of laundry and updated my blog. Others are out on a walk but I had an up and down night so am sitting this morning.

The town of Columbus is celebrating Columbus Day today. Later we are going to a lecture by a Pulitzer prize winning writer who lives in Columbus, Paul Salopek. He is doing a 7 year walk around the world following the way man populated the world and will be talking about it. They will be serving lunch after the lecture so it should be a fun time. Note: It was. Paul was fascinating – I can't wait until his blog go live and we can keep up with him.

I don't know what the rest of the day will bring. But it is nice to be with good friends. We haven't seen each other for 2 or 3 years but at one time stayed next to each other when we worked all summer on the Escapade as advanced staff. You really get to know one another when your bedroom slides almost touch.

SUNDAY: Back from another lunch and buying trip in Mexico - many pesos lighter. I found a wonderful antique copper sink for my new bathroom, a huge metal sun in dark reds and bronzes that is a light to hang in my bedroom, several bowls, glassware and sombreros (to hang as decoration). We had a wonderful lunch and lots of fun talking and laughing.

I even have everything packed away for travel. Can't wait to get it out of storage a week from Wed. when we get to our house.

Now it is time for a nap before we go over to friend's house for cake celebrating her son's birthday.

Tomorrow will be a travel day - a whole 35 miles - to the rally. Should be fun. We'll also be going back to The Pink Store (in Mexico) with them for lunch on Friday.

MONDAY: We have driven our 35 miles, filled up the gas tank ($3.51) and are parked at the RV Park where the rally will be held. Tomorrow is the first day. It ends Saturday morning so we might head for home a day early. Dunno yet.

After attending happy hour we rested a bit and the caravaned out to a restaurant several miles east of Deming. It was in an old strange building filled with all kinds of stuffed wild game – but the food was excellent and the company great. We got home late and went straight to bed.

I will add to this page until we hit the trail for home. Then after that I will start a new journal of Winter 2012-13. I will try to post every Sunday during the winter.

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