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Beauvais, France

We were feeling pretty rocky in the morning because we were sick overnight - likely food poisoning.

We set off on a slow road to Beauvais. There were many beautiful small towns and lush countryside. Surprising to us, there was also lots of mixed forest too.

We arrived Beauvais around 2:30pm, ready for a nap, only to find that the hotel was closed until 7pm! Apparently this is often normal on Sundays and holidays. August 15 is particularly significant as it is the birthday of the Virgin Mary who is very important in this part of France.

We looked at the cathedral; paid for an explanation of the astronomical clock; tried to find a pottery museum with no luck; and then got lost. Some nice policemen tried to help with directions but finally we were rescued by the GPS. We saw some interesting countryside and did find the house of the Grebers, famous ceramicists.

Feeling somewhat healthier, we ate an excellent steamed fish and seafood supper with great vegies. Internet was not at all reliable in our hotel despite advanced advertising so (perish the thought) we had to go to McDonald's to use their internet in order to book accommodation in Arras.

After that, we went to the sound and light show at the cathedral. the show was recommended by our hostess of the previous night. It was extraordinary. Lights played all over the building representing the structure throughout the ages. At one point, it looked as though a live choir was singing from various recesses of the building. At another point the whole structure appeared be shaking as if it were being bombed. We have never seen anything like it.

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