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Trolley Ears

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Inside looking out...

Not much to report today though from my perspective it was quite productive as I spent most of the afternoon making more trolley ears until Carol called a tea break…..

The morning was spent trying to clean the oil from the front of the Van and I found the container of “ALDI Industrial wipes” worked very well.

I’m going to get the Kia man to service the car as well as fix it and I want him to go over everything before we leave, may delay us a day but it’s better than coming to grief in the middle of nowhere. Then again we may have to wait some time for it, nothing happens with any haste in WA unless a mine depends on it…

So there is a pic of the trolley ears I made and if you look in the video in the last half of it and look up at the trolley wire you can clearly see these things in real life….

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