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During our time in Melbourne we had the luxury of going on a Yarra Valley Wine Tour. This consisted of tasting up to 80 different wines and learning the history of winemaking in the region. Let's begin by saying the history is as rich as the wine, and we enjoyed the wine. The first stop was at a smaller winery which only sells to restaurants. Many people on the tour would get poured a sample and take a walk around the building. Amanda and I decided to get the most out of the trip and try as many wines as we could. The lady serving us wine loved talking about her beautiful wine, and we loved tasting them! As this was the smallest winery we were going to visit, we decided to buy a bottle of merlot. Time and time again, we agreed we enjoy white wine over red wine but we only seem to buy red wines. We left the winery having sampled about 9 wines, and a bottle which is only available in limited restaurants. The next two wineries were very delicious and we certainly got our value out of them as well. The last winery consisted of the art of wine making, sampling bubbling wine, which is "champagne" but not legally able to be sold as that as it is not from Champagne, France. The conclusion of this wine tour consisted of three realizations. The first being, we were tipsy. The second was that we love wine. The third conclusion was that we loved the tour and if the opportunity arrises, we would do it again.

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