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Dave explaining the route and how it will probably change....lots!

posh hotel pool




Goree Island slave prision

Goree Island

Goree Island



very weird sculpture


more weird art

gave away my first dolls









Will, Mike and Rob

on Goree Island

Rob, Holly and Mike

the old circular prison

OK so I've made it to Senegal and the start of my West African overland adventure. The group seems pretty good - all except one have been on Overlanding trips before and she has explored most of Africa. It was exciting to roll up to the hotel and see our truck - Aminah standing outside.Dave and Jimmy seem pretty well organised but time will tell and in our first meeting Dave made a point of saying that we are the first overland truck to be taking our route and so we should expect some interesting times! The first was when we got our Guinea visas and we all had to pay extra me 5000 but the Americans and Canadians 15000 because their govts have recently been critising the Guinea govt.

Dakar is an old co.onial city but with none of the charm of many such places. Its Independance square is unattractive dirty and overgrown. The people are nice but the street sellers are fairly aggressive and the food while OK to eat is really nothing unusual and around home prices so not particularly cheap.

We dis a day visit to Gore Island only 20 mins off the mainland which was where much of the local slave trade was carried out. It could be a beautiful place but like the rest of the area is run down it all looks much cleaner and nicer in the photos. It was still a good day 10 of us went over and it was nice to be able to wander away and then catch up with people you know and to have lunch companions. My lunch of thios fish was good pretty much everything comes with chips so looking forward to good wholesome truck food.

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