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One of the mountain streams along the Kancamagus Highway

A lovely setting

Church in one of the villages we passed through

We saw color despite the rain

Not all areas included red leaves

The white bark of these birches looks nice

The leaves are definitely turning red here

Gondola up Loon Mountain

Looking down at Loon Lake

We were above the clouds

Tower on Loon Mountain

Gondola ride back down the mountain.


Whole hillsides look like this in the rain - what if it...


Simon Pearce Glass factory

The glassblower, Nate, demonstrated making this martini glass

Glassblower Nate hard at work

Beautiful handblown glasses

Quechee Gorge - Vermont's version of the Grand Canyon

Quechee Gorge

Jackson Gore Resort

Ludlow, VT. We made it into Vermont today. To get there, we drove the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire. The drive along the Kanc Highway takes one back in time. There are no comforts of the modern day world; no gas stations, no restaurants, no hotels or other businesses, just picturesque hills and mountain streams. The highway cuts through the White Mountain National Forest with lovely views of the White Mountains, when the clouds lifted, that is. The rain today was never a hard rain but it was persistent. One of our stops in New Hampshire was at Loon Mountain ski resort. We rode the gondolas up to the top to enjoy the views. The rain had paused temporarily and there was no wind so, with jackets, it was cool but nice up top. Then we went to Quechee in Vermont to the Simon Pearce Glass Factory for a gourmet lunch. Simon Pearce is an Irish-American entrepreneur in glassblowing and pottery who learned his trade in Kilkenny, Ireland. Pearce located his first U.S. factory in Quechee, in 1981. His factory is powered hydroelectrically by the Ottauquechee River and they are very proud that they provide their own power. Pearce is a prominent American designer of glassware, and his works have been given as gifts to foreign dignitaries and to presenters at the Academy Awards. For some reason he branched out (very successfully) into the restaurant business too. After being fed very well, we were given a demonstration of the glass making they did there. It was quite unlike anything we had seen before because it was commercial instead of just art items. Leaving there, we stopped by the Quechee Gorge, the Grand Canyon of Vermont, before going on to our resort for the night – the Jackson Gore Inn. It is gorgeous!

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