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NZ/Sth Isl.: This is an example of the gorgeous scenery.

NZ/Sth Isl.: We would turn a corner and the whole scenery would...

Got here about's a cute little place, similar to Whistler Village. Lot's of bungalows going up and over priced everything. (Especially gas, we're upto $1.45 p/ltr).

We found a cheap, but perfect place to stay after about an hour of driving around the town searching for a place to stay the night................all of the parks and possible places had signs up: "No Camping", so we were hooped. We drove about 10 mins outta town and found a gov't campground for $8 per adult, and it was perfect. In fact it was beautifully done, with a nice common area for watching TV, relaxing in the warmth and cooking facilities galore.

The one thing that's pissing us both off is how early everything closes in these places!! We wanted to go to the Internet, but it closed at 4:30pm and we've had this happening all along in our trip so far. Hense, why we haven't had a chance till now to do our journal entries, SORRY!!!

Next day we were off to the West Coast and Franz Joseph Glacier...............

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